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Drop and Add


Students may make changes to their schedules online from the time of their initial registration up through the end of the 100% refund date of Fall/Spring terms or the end of the third day of the two major summer sessions (Summer I and Summer II).


Any Fall and Spring drop and add requests pending approval made after the first week require the approval of an academic advisor. Added courses after the first week also require the instructor's signature of the course the student wishes to add. Instructor signatures and the signature of the academic advisor are required for withdrawals further into the term. Visit the Academic Calendar for specific dates.

Option 1: eDrop/eAdd

Electronic Class Drop and Add (eDrop & eAdd) have been developed so that students are able to make changes to their class schedules without having to walk paper forms to various campus offices for approvals and processing.

  • After you submit your electronic eDrop/eAdd requests, academic advisors and others will review and approve (or disapprove, if necessary) those requests using an electronic workflow system.
  • Approved drop and/or add requests will then automatically update your class schedule before email notifications are sent to your account indicating the completion of your request.
  • Note: Until you receive confirmation that the transaction has been approved and processed, you are not officially added to the class but you should attend while you wait for the approvals.
  • For more details visit

Option 2: Drop / Add Forms

  • Obtain a drop/add form from your advisor or school
  • Your 10-digit university ID number is required on the drop/add form - you can look up your university ID number in the Student Center through One.IU
  • See Class Withdrawal/Class Drop for required signatures and grade assignments
  • Submit your completed form, including all required signatures and grade assignments, to the Office of the Registrar prior to the deadline

First and Second Summer Session drop and add requests made after the third day of classes require the approval/signature of an academic advisor. Added courses also require the instructor's approval/signature of the course the student wishes to add. Submit your completed form, including all required signatures and grade assignments, to the Office of the Registrar prior to the deadline.

Students receiving any financial aid, should be sure to consult with the Office of Student Financial Services prior to withdrawal to determine if dropping the class will affect their aid. Similarly, if a certain enrollment level is required, such as full-time, for purposes of being carried on a health insurance policy or to receive VA benefits, need to check to see if a drop will affect their eligibility status.

Non-Standard Length Courses
The approval of the instructor will be required beginning the first day of the second half of the course. For example, for a course meeting the second eight weeks of the term, the instructor's signature will not be required until the first day of the fifth week of the class. If using a paper drop/add form (instead of eDrop/eAdd) be sure to remind the representative processing the withdrawal in the Office of the Registrar that the course started late. For the refund schedule for these courses, visit the Office of the Bursar web page at this link:

Tuition Refunded
Tuition is refunded when applicable by the Office of the Bursar on a percentage bases according to the term refund schedule.  Visit the academic calendar for specific term refund schedules. In extenuating cases a student may wish to appeal for a larger refund of fees. Visit the Bursar page on procedures for filing an appeal for refund of fees for further details.

Student Responsibilities
Students who alter their original schedules, whether by personal incentive or by University directive, must do so officially by the procedures outlined above. Failure to assume this responsibility may jeopardize a student's academic record by incurring an "F" in a course improperly dropped and/or by not receiving credit for a course improperly added.

  • Be aware that not attending a class and or not paying for a class are not enough to cause the course to be officially dropped. As a student, you are responsible for dropping any course you do not plan to attend.
  • Students who accumulate an excessive number of W's on their records may be deemed to not be making satisfactory academic progress on their degree. If such a determination is made they may be blocked from registering by their school and may risk restrictions or loss of financial aid.