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Academic Misconduct and Grading

Instructors are required to report to the Dean of Students all cases of academic misconduct (May 2, 1961).

At IUPUI, the IUPUI Code of Student Rights, Responsibilities, and Conduct  states the expectations of promoting the intellectual and ethical growth of students, fostering the best possible environment for teaching and learning based on mutual respect and clear expectations within the community of teachers and learners.  

Part V:  Student Disciplinary Procedures for Academic Misconduct involving the IUPUI Campus, Section B, Point 2 states the following:

  • Action by the Office of the Registrar.
    If the penalty includes a failing grade for the course, the Registrar will be notified that the grade was given because of academic misconduct. The Registrar will record the grade of "F" on the student's permanent academic transcript without any notation concerning the reason for the grade. The Registrar must, however, follow procedures to ensure that the grade of "F" will not thereafter be removed from the transcript in accordance with other academic policies or procedures such as the “FX” or grade replacement policy. An “F” given because of academic misconduct must be calculated in a determination of the student's grade point average, but the grade will not prevent the student from repeating the same course for credit.

Effective Fall 2006, the academic misconduct reporting values of I* and F* (I with asterisk and F with asterisk) became available for use during final grade entry.
Faculty may effectively report to the Registrar cases of academic misconduct by entering the academic misconduct reporting values of I* and F* on the final grade rosters. These values allow instructors to award the grades of Incomplete (I) or Failing (F), while also notifying the Office of the Registrar that such grades are being awarded because of academic misconduct. The I* and F* values will be reflected on the academic record as I and F, respectively.
Please note that these values should only be applied in cases of academic misconduct that have been reported to the Dean of Students and gone through the appropriate process

References:  IUPUI Code of Student Conduct and Responsibilities