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Interinstitutional Records

The Eastern Indiana Center was established by Earlham College and Indiana University in 1946. Indiana University maintained these academic records. In 1967, the organization of the Center was modified to include Ball State University and Purdue University; and, from September 1967 to August 1971, records were maintained at the Center. In September 1970, Indiana University approved a plan to accept the Center as a regional campus (Indiana University East). As a result, the records of students beginning First Semester 1971-72 are maintained by Indiana University. In addition, Indiana University assimilated all the records maintained by the Center from First Semester 1967 68 through Summer 1971. The records of students enrolled at the Center are identified as Eastern Indiana Center. Courses taught by Indiana University are computed in the student's grade point average; courses taught by Ball State University, Purdue University, and Earlham College are not. Duplication of work resulting from the assimilation of the Eastern Indiana Center records is noted.

Beginning the First Semester 1970 71, the Indianapolis Extension of Purdue University and Indianapolis Regional Campus of Indiana University were combined into one institution to be known as Indiana University-Purdue University at Indianapolis (IUPUI). Indiana University was directed to maintain all academic records including the complete academic records of all Purdue students who were enrolled at IUPUI during the Summer 1971 or First Semester 1971-72. The Purdue University records were transferred from Purdue University and recorded by Indiana University without evaluation except that the courses were not calculated in the grade averages. Duplication of credit resulting from the assimilation of these Purdue records is noted.

Indiana University Bloomington also maintains records from the following institutions: Fort Wayne Art Institute (1922-1976), Frankfort High School Freshman College Work Program (1936-1937), Gary College (1932-1948), Kokomo Junior College (1934-1945), Martinsville High School Freshman College Work Program (1933-1934), Normal College of the American Gymnastics Union (1886-1941), and Winona Lake Summer School (1895-1925). IUPUI maintains records from Herron School of Art (1902-1967).