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Official Transcript

Purdue Graduates

At time of degree, and only at time of degree, does a student have the option of requesting a Purdue transcript from Purdue University. This step has been taken to ensure that a complete record of all IUPUI courses and grades appears on the Purdue transcript.

Purdue graduates who wish to order a transcript from Purdue University may do so by contacting the Purdue Office of the Registrar. Students who received Purdue degrees at IUPUI can obtain an IU transcript that displays the Purdue degree.

To receive a copy of your transcript, all financial obligations to the University must be clear/current. This includes your account with the Student Account Services (317) 274-2451 or Student Loan Administration (812) 855-4511. If you have any past balance due with any of these offices, there will be a "hold" on your record and we will not issue your transcript. If you think you might have any past debt to any of these offices, please contact that office for clearance before submitting your transcript request.