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Unofficial Transcript

Current enrolled students who simply want an unofficial copy of their transcript may obtain one without charge in the Student Center through One.IU. Be aware that any document produced from the Student Center will not typically be accepted for any official transactions such as applications for admission or as proof of a degree. This tool is not available to students who have been out of school for any period of time.

To access your unofficial transcript from the Student Center, follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to One.IU with your user name and password.
  2. In the Search box, type transcript and press ENTER.
  3. Click the unofficial transcript icon, the View Unofficial Transcript page will appear.
  4. (To see complete instructions click here)

Note: The application uses pop-up pages and subpages throughout the system. If you have your Internet pop-up blocker set up to block all pop-ups, you'll need to turn it off or at least change it to allow pop-ups from the SIS. Please contact your computing support provider if you need assistance with changing this setting.

The unofficial transcript is designed to show exactly the same information as your official Indiana University transcript. Term and cumulative IU GPA statistics throughout the transcript are based on university-wide rules (for example, all X grades are honored for exclusion from the GPA, and all coursework and grades are included even if repeated).

At the end of the transcript, you will also see the Student Program GPA summary. These statistics are calculated according to the rules of your current program (e.g., whether X grades are honored for exclusion from the GPA, whether courses may be repeated for credit). Certain courses may be designated with a note indicating the course was repeated or an equivalent course was later completed. Courses with this note are excluded from the Student Program GPA calculation.